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MATV Billbooards Advertising, Event and Entertainment Services Logo

Norfolk, VA

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Welcome to MATV Billboards Washington DC, your go-to destination for cutting-edge out-of-home advertising experiences in the capital city! Specializing in dynamic DOOH Advertising solutions, we cater to businesses, advertising agencies, government entities, political advertisers, charities & non-profit organizations.

Situated just minutes away from downtown Washington DC in Falls Church, VA, our headquarters extend premier digital out-of-home advertising services nationwide. Whether you're launching a local campaign or planning a nationwide initiative, our flexible offerings can be tailored to meet your unique needs. From one vehicle for a day to a fleet of 100 or more digital mobile billboard vehicles, MATV Billboards provides the versatility to accommodate your advertising objectives.

What makes MATV Billboards stand out is our proven performance, surpassing traditional advertising options such as bus or rail advertising and stationary billboards. Our Digital Mobile Billboards consistently deliver superior results, setting your brand apart from the competition.

Exclusivity is a cornerstone principle at MATV Billboards. During your service time, you have exclusive access to the entire advertising space on all three full-size digital billboards, maximizing your brand's visibility and impact without any distractions.

Ready to harness the most powerful out-of-home advertising service available in Washington DC? Contact MATV Billboards to collaborate on a customized strategy that drives results and elevates your brand's visibility and impact. Experience the difference with MATV Billboards – where innovation meets impact in the heart of Washington DC!

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Out of Home Advertising


Elevate your brand's visibility in Washington DC with MATV Billboards, offering a superior digital out-of-home advertising solution that redefines industry standards. Our Digital Mobile Billboards provide unmatched visibility and control, allowing you to tailor your advertising strategy by selecting specific routes, stops, and timings. Our Mobile Billboard Trucks traverse Highways, Interstates, State Roads, and City Streets, providing a strategic advantage.


Unlike exterior bus advertising, our 3 Screen Mobile Billboards guarantee heightened visibility, with each of the three full-size digital billboards capturing attention. Amplify your advertising impact with MATV Billboards' Mobile Billboard Advertising in the bustling streets of Washington DC today!

Out of Home Advertising


Maximize the effectiveness of your Out-of-Home (OOH) billboard advertising in Washington DC with MATV Billboards' Digital Billboards. Our mobile billboards empower strategic placements in areas aligned with your goals, offering a dynamic approach unlike traditional stationary billboards. Strategically position Digital Billboard advertising signs at high-traffic intersections, shopping centers, event entrances/exits, & in front of your store to reach your target audience effectively.

With 3 digital displays on our Digital Mobile Billboards, guarantee visibility from all angles. Enjoy advertising exclusivity, being the sole advertiser on three full-size digital displays, maximizing the impact of your advertising compared to traditional static billboards in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Out of Home Advertising


Choose MATV Billboards for unparalleled Outdoor Event Advertising in Washington DC, connecting directly with your target audience. Our Digital Mobile Billboard Vehicles feature three full-size outdoor video walls, showcasing videos, commercial advertisements, digital ads, live video streams, and more. MATV Digital Billboard vehicles are plug & play ready, effortlessly positioning at diverse venues such as outdoor events, festivals, block parties, street festivals, parking lot events, boardwalk events, sports stadiums, and more.


With three full-size video walls, you gain triple the value compared to a single video wall setup, making MATV Billboards the ideal choice for outdoor event advertising in the dynamic cityscape of Washington DC.


Trade Show Organizer  & Exhibitor Services

MATV Billboards' Homepage's Red and White Logo.

Experience the Ultimate Trade Show Solutions in Washington DC with MATV Billboards. Elevate your trade shows and conventions with our essential services, enhancing the experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.  


Our Digital Billboard Vehicles offer a unique and dynamic way to convey vital event information, promote sponsors, and create an immersive atmosphere within the convention hall. Each MATV Billboards vehicle features three Full-Size LED Walls, displaying a diverse array of media content. Explore possibilities like Live Camera Video Streaming for in-booth or remote demonstrations, guest speakers, and more on each of the three full-size video walls.  In addition to visual displays, our digital video screens can showcase pre-recorded videos, commercial advertisements, static ads, televised broadcasts, and serve as an event marquee displaying event schedules, countdowns, lost and found details, and contact information. 

MATV Billboards' Vehicles are more than just displays; they're powerhouses. They can use plug-in power to energize their LED Walls and act as a power distribution hub for your booth, supporting computers, TVs, charging stations, and more. Moreover, these vehicles double as on-the-go storage units for equipment, marketing materials, and products essential for a successful Trade Show.  In addition to power and storage solutions, MATV Billboards can provide stages, on-site productions for live streaming, and sound equipment, enhancing the overall event experience in Washington DC. Post-show, MATV Billboards efficiently stores and transports trade show equipment, marketing items, products, and booth setups for the next event. The vehicles even have the capability to tow trailers for transporting additional equipment, saving you time and money on personnel, travel, truck rental, fuel, and other travel expenses.


Experience the unmatched benefits of MATV Billboards, essential for single trade shows or multi-state tours in Washington DC. Elevate your trade show game with MATV Billboards today!

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Community Engagement

Captivate Washington DC Parade-Goers with MATV Billboards' Digital Mobile Billboard Parade. Our high-resolution screens ensure your brand and message shine in the midst of bustling parade routes. Versatile and eye-catching, our digital billboards can complement or replace traditional floats. We offer towing services for parade props, trailers, and floats, delivering a distinctive and unforgettable way to reach potential customers. Contact us now to inquire about pricing and availability and make your mark in Washington DC parades with MATV Billboards!

Client Exclusive Service Logo representing a premium advertising service that works for one client at a time.


Entertainment Services for Businesses & Organizations



Unleash an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your brand and engage with audiences through MATV Billboards' Outdoor Movie Screenings in Washington DC. Enhance the attendee experience with strategically positioned tents and booths near the digital mobile billboards, creating a memorable atmosphere. Explore diverse sponsorship packages to unlock additional revenue streams for your business while making a meaningful impact by contributing to social causes or charities through donations or sponsorships of MATV Billboard movie screening services.

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WOW audiences in Washington DC with the ultimate sports watching experience through MATV Billboards' Live Sports Broadcasts. Attendees can immerse themselves in the big game on the Big Screen, creating an unforgettable experience. Bars & Restaurants can leverage our Digital Mobile Billboard Vehicles to maximize outdoor space, increasing sales revenue with additional service bars for food & beverage purchases. Present sponsorship packages to businesses, manufacturers, and vendors, providing avenues for additional revenue streams.

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Introduce a new and exciting way to connect with your audience in Washington DC through Gaming on MATV Billboards' Digital Mobile Billboards. Host competitions, contests, and more, fostering a positive social impact. Interactive tents and booths adjacent to digital mobile billboards enhance the attendee experience. Expand revenue streams with sponsor packages for businesses and organizations. Strengthen your brand's reputation by supporting special causes or charities through donations or sponsorships of MATV Billboard Gaming services.

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Transform your events into unforgettable experiences in Washington DC with Video Live Streams by MATV Billboards. Stream live performances, presentations, ceremonies, and more, captivating your audience. Generate revenue by presenting sponsorship packages to businesses & organizations during your Live Video Stream service. Setup tents and booths near the Mobile Billboard Vehicle for interacting with audiences, elevating brand loyalty and word-of-mouth through a distinctive and memorable experience.

MATV Billbooards Advertising, Event and Entertainment Services Logo


Client Exclusive Service Logo representing a premium advertising service that works for one client at a time.

At MATV Billboards, we are committed to helping our clients succeed. We believe our Client Exclusive Services make MATV Billboards the most effective way to advertise and reach your target audience to drive results. Our exclusive client use service is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and types looking to reach their target audience effectively. With complete control over your advertising, you can be sure that your message is seen by the right people at the right time.


MATV Billboards is committed to proivding the best advertising service available.

Experience the power of effective advertising with MATV Billboards! Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you achieve success, no matter the size of your business, advertising agency, organization, or political campaign. With over ten years of experience working with National Brands, Organizers, Promoters, Political Campaigns and Advertising Agencies, we are ready to work with your team to create, adapt, and execute powerful advertising strategies that work for you.


At MATV Billboards, we go beyond words in our commitment to your success. Our digital advertising service is an exclusive use platform that gives you complete control over your advertising. With our Digital Mobile Billboard platform, only the advertisements and media content you choose are displayed during your active service times. You can choose the locations, presentation, and timing of your advertising, ensuring maximum impact for your target audience.


We believe that every client is important, and that's why we don't charge service premiums for time of day advertise, day of the week advertise, or location type. Our advertising services offer effective advertising solutions that work and fit almost any size budget. Whether you're a small business owner, an advertising agency, or running a political campaign, our commitment to your success remains the same. Our services, combined with our drive and commitment to your success, are exactly what you need to get the results you want.


Trust MATV Billboards to deliver the best advertising services and take your business to the next level.


MATV Billboards, Founder & president

Kevin Demant

Our committment to the suucees of our clients with advertising solutions and services that work.


Contact MATV Billboards today to get the best advertising services and solutions available.

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