When you have the ability to put a moving picture and sound practically anywhere, the possibilities are endless. The team at MATV Billboards takes sensation to a whole new level by making it easy to put your media anywhere. Our beautiful, vivid electronic billboards are mounted on the side of trucks that can be parked practically anywhere, effortlessly bringing your media to any venue. The services below are some of our most common ones, but we’re always ready to do something new, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


Get your message where the most people will see it. We can park our mobile billboard in the right place at the right time to maximize your marketing budget.

Event Services

Whether it’s a gala or a company celebration, our mobile billboard can add hype or even be the main event. Let us show you the possibilities!

Grand Openings

Launch your business into the stratosphere by letting our mobile billboard draw customers to your door. We’ll put the “grand” in your business opening so you’re successful from day one!

Parade Services

When it comes to a billboard that moves, the possibilities are practically endless. Let us make the next parade a chance to get the word out about your business, project, or art.

Movie Screenings

Why deal with the hassle of setting up a projector, screen, and sound system when we can roll the entire package straight onto your location? Contact us today to schedule your screening!