LiveStream by MATV Billboards is the best option for capturing and streaming video footage. Whatever your LiveStream need is, MATV Billboards has the solution for you.  From a simple solution such as single camera stream to large scale multi-camera, multi-location production, LiveStream by MATV Billboards has the solutions you need.

Use LiveStream for;

- Educational lessons

- Product demos

- Service demos

- Award ceremonies

- Ribbon cuttings

- Political podiums

- Concerts

- Artists & performers

- Crowd interaction


- Introductions

- Contest winners

- Stage shows

- Races & finish lines

- And so much more!

LiveStream Benefits

- Engage & interact with audiences
- Advertise & brand via LiveStream
- Revenue generating opportunity

- Increase sponsor package value
- Multi platform streaming capability
- HD LiveStream capture & record

service starts from $650

Stream & Capture

Multi Platform Streaming lets you
stream content where its most beneficial for you.


Content can be streamed to the following;

- MATV Billboards Vehicles

- Social media platforms

- Projection screens

- LED walls

- Websites & More!

LiveStream by MATV Billboards has the solutions you need to Stream live.  From single camera feed solutions to full live productions. Streams can be set to broadcast or closed circuit.  

Our service gives you the ability to customize your service to what you need using our Multi Platform Streaming and Stream Capture & Recording options.

Stream Capture & Recording captures footage and records it in HD resolution.

Content can be used to create or produce;

- Recap videos

- Training video

- Study & analysis video

- Video advertisements

- P.O.P. reports


Options & Solutions

LiveStream by MATV Billboards has many options to meet your service needs and budget.  Our service options  include an array of versatile camera solutions to ensure we get all the footage for your stream.  From our fixed mounted cameras that capture at a constant rate to our manned cameras for any action sequences or close up angles to our drone footage that delivers birds eye footage and elevated camera streams.  For multi-camera sequences, streams and advertising/sponsor integrations we have a field production team that will organize all incoming sources and distribute them to the stream for seamless transitions and a professional production.

Streaming Solutions

- Fixed, manned & aerial cameras

- Single & multi-camera streams

- Single & multi-room streaming

- Multi location field team collaboration

​Content Solutions

- Realtime & delayed signal streaming

- Prerecorded content & stream integration

- Advertisement integration

- Branding & content overlay integration

Location Solutions

- Indoor & outdoor streaming solutions

- Remote area streaming

Stage activities · Races & finish lines · Presentations · Ribbon cuttings · Demonstrations · Graduations · Podiums & speakers · Award ceremonies

Fixed Camera


$650 p/day

starting from


Multi area activity · Stage performances· Shows & Concerts · Action sequences · Close quarter shots · Audience engagement · Sporting Events

Action Camera


$150 p/hour

starting from


Aerial Camera


$200 p/hour


starting from

Birdseye shots · Festivals & fairgrounds · Trade shows · Parades · Races & competitions · Offshore events · Large public areas · Aerial activities

Field Production

Stream Team

(855) 628-6288


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Video capture · Live camera sequencing · Ad Integration · Multimedia integration · Media overlays · Content sequencing · Social media streaming

LiveStream Clients

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