Emergency Response


Operational Benefits

- Exclusive Use of Digital Mobile Billboard Vehicle(s) 

- No Service Premiums Based on Location or Time

- Mobile and Stationary Service

- Custom Route & Placement

- Realtime GPS Tracking


- MATV Billboards Digital Vehicle(s)

- Vehicle Operator

- Unlimited Route & Placement Modification

- Service Tracking & Reporting

- Standard Operational Expenses

- Proof of Performance Pictures*

- Service Consultant


Current Hotspots

- Gathering Points 

- Public Parks & Fields

- Beaches & Boardwalk


Key Areas

- Intersections

- Traffic Congestion Areas

- Essential Businesses

- Parking Lots


Mobile Reach

- Highways & Interstates

- State & County Roads

- City & Local Roads

- Residential Areas


Early Morning 7a - 9a

Mobile billboards can target vital Covid-19 information to

essential & non essential travelers along highways & interstates.

Morning 9a - 11a

Mobile billboards can display realtime Covid-19 updates to customers entering & exiting essential business parking lots.


Midday 11a - 1p

Mobile billboards can display messages at various intersections targeting essential & non-essential travelers throughout the city.

Afternoon 1p - 4p

Mobile billboards can display local government mandates & information to various residential & problematic gathering points.

Evening 4p - 7p

Mobile billboards can display realtime updates & local government messages in underserved neighborhoods with limited internet access & information.


MATV Billboards Multimedia Digital Billboard vehicles are the best way to effectively communicate information, messages & other pertinent content out of home.  Vehicles are equipped with high definition digital displays, built to withstand the elements and ensuring content is delivered as intended. The technology built into MATV Billboard vehicles enable a multitude of media types including digital images, video, live broadcasts and more.  Whether it’s a simple digital poster created to inform and update a certain area, a video created to educate people on how to wash their hands or displaying the governor’s live broadcast, in real time. It’s so important we have maximum public participation.


Digital billboard content can be leveraged to optimize effectiveness based on issue, audience, location and time.  Our team has categorized Covid-19 messaging into four categories to best align content with target audiences. 

Inform, Educate, Contribute and Resources

Below are examples of  messaging that fall under each category.


Provide up to date info about:

- Covid-19 Statistics

- Government Actions & Initiatives

- Travel Restrictions

- Local Area Information & Updates

- Census & Voting Options & Plans


Educate the public about:

- Safety Measures & Precautions

- Covid-19 Symptoms, Facts & Fiction 

- The Importance of Quarantine

- Importance of Social Distancing

- Legal Mandates & Enforcement


Get contributions including:

- Monetary Donations

- Blood Donations

- Services Donations

- Food Donations

- Clothing Donations


Inform the community about:

- Federal, State & Local Resources

- Health &Well Being Resources

- Monetary & Financial Resources

- Phone Numbers & Websites

- Testing Site Information

Limitless Reach

MATV Billboards are not bound by the limitations of other advertising mediums. With an ability to access a multitude of areas, we have the unique ability to effectively communicate your messages anywhere & everywhere.

Highways & Interstates

State & County Roads

City Streets & Local Roads

High Voume Intersections

Shopping Centers & Parking Lots

Public Parks & Fields

Beach & Boardwalk

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