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MATV Billboards provides Client Exclusive Services that are designed to give you complete control over your advertising and help you achieve maximum return on investment. We believe that you understand your target audience best and can make informed decisions on how, what, and when to market to them. To respect the uniqueness of your business, our services are exclusively reserved for you, regardless of your business size, type, or budget. This exclusivity empowers you to decide how, where, and when the service is used, and the content and advertisements displayed. You can also plan or change active service days at any time to switch between Mobile Advertising, Parked Advertising, and Event Advertising, ensuring that your service is as effective as possible in reaching and engaging your target audience.


Our team at MATV Billboards is dedicated to helping you achieve your advertising goals. We offer Client Exclusive Services that are tailored to help you reach your target audience effectively and drive results. Our exclusive client use service is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types, regardless of budget. You will have complete control over your advertising, which will ensure that your message reaches your target audience throughout your active service time.


At MATV Billboards, we understand the importance of advertising to your business. That is why our Client Exclusive Services are designed to help you succeed. We provide an advertising platform that is free from competing advertisers, enabling you to advertise your brand effectively. You also have the flexibility to choose the manner and location of your advertising. You can use any combination of our services at any time, including transit advertising, Parked Advertising, and Event Advertising.

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